Rudolph the One Eyed Unicorn and the Depressed Snowman Cake

“Is that a one eyed unicorn?” my Grandpa asked, pointing at the reindeer figure above the Christmas cake.

I sighed. “Grandpa, it’s supposed to be a reindeer.”

“Well it doesn’t look like one.”

Want to hear about my baking experiment? Well, read on! But first…

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope your day was bright, merry and filled with laughter.

My Christmas certainly was and I had a lovely time with my family. I am sorry I haven’t been so active lately, I’ve just been really busy.

Anyhow, let me get on with the blog! In advance, apologies for the bad quality of the photos. They were all taken on my phone and not on my camera.

As always, the decorating of the Christmas cake lies on me.

Now usually, I do an okay job at decorating the cake. (As seen down below. One was made at the age of twelve – the Snowman and the Snowdog cake – and the other one was made at the age of fourteen.)


But this year… Things turned out a little different than expected.

The plan had been to create a “Rudolph and Snowman Cake”. And to be fair, I didn’t think it would be that difficult. I have made more challenging treats in my time and I honestly thought it would be – wait for the pun – a piece of cake.

It turns out it wasn’t.

The whole family erupted into laughter when they saw what I had made.

Despite having spent hours labouring over this masterpiece (whilst listening to a soundtrack of the Chainsmokers, Halsey and Taylor Swift), it didn’t look that great.

You can see for yourself what it looked like.


I decided for the cake to have chocolate snow and here is a pile of chocolate snowballs. Now, my father, the mature adult he is not, did not think that these were snowballs. Oh no, he thought they were something else entirely.


“Has Rudolph had an accident?” he inquired. “He could have at least done it behind a Christmas tree, not in the middle of the cake.”

Now you guys can tell me whether or not you think that these are indeed snowballs (as they were intended to be), or the alternative.

And if we zoom in on the snowman, we can see that he is not the jolly Frosty I had hoped for him to be.

Instead he looks depressed. (Though incredibly cute!)


And finally let me focus on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Or, as my Grandpa calls him: “Rudolph the One Eyed Unicorn.”

He (the snowman, not my Grandpa) was impossible to make.


To begin with, his head absolutely refused to stay on. It kept on rolling off and landing in the snow. So he actually almost became “Rudolph the Headless One Eyed Unicorn” – which might have made a great Halloween decoration, but an awful Christmas decoration.


^ The head of the snowman also kept falling off ^

Finally the head stayed put and the cake was now completed. After taking several photos, it was presented to the dinner table.

Mum had a different view of Rudolph. “Is it a table?” she asked. 

All in all, this baking experiment did end up being quite different to how I hoped it would be.

But it was still fun.

And entertaining.


Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed the blog!

I’m hoping to publish a lot more frequently in the coming weeks, due to the fact I’m on holiday until mid January. So do look out for book reviews, film reviews, fashion talk, rants and all that sort of stuff. (I might even add in a New Year special if you are very lucky!)

Bye for now,

MJ Amore 😀






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