Fight Writers block with me!


MJ Amore here πŸ™‚

Writers block – the enemy of every writer.

Well do you want to learn a fun way to try and get rid of it?

Of course you do – follow my quick step by step guide to learn how. And even if you aren’t a writer, you could try this exercise anyway – it’s also a good way to fight boredom on those long, hot summer days.

Step 1) Enter any room in your home, preferably the bedroom. Try and avoid rooms such as the bathroom.

Step 2) Your room has four sides, yes? Well, what you’re going to do is pick two objects from each side of the room. Completely random objects. In this example, I have gathered a toy panda, a clapperboard, a Princess Anna figurine, a fan, a castle, a die, an elephant figurine and a ring. Here is the random mix below:


Step 3) Using these objects, try and come up with a short story. Give yourself ten minutes.

Has it worked? Please do let me know. I wasn’t too sure about this game as I know, from experience, what works for one person might not exactly work for another. If you have managed to come up with a story in this time, lemme read it! And you never know, this little story which you devised in ten minutes could evolve itself into something bigger and before you know it – a novel idea might be born!

Bye for now,

MJ Amore πŸ™‚



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